Most Expensive Homes in Champaign County

You start your home search within your budget but it’s inevitable, you have to see what the most expensive homes are going for and what they look like.  As of mid-July, there are 7 homes listed at $1 million or higher (I’m including 990k and up) in Champaign County.

Homes for Sale in Champaign County over $1,000,000

These are incredible properties with jumbo sized asking prices but compare this to the most expensive listings in the entire United States and they can look like a bargain.  The late Gianni Versace’s estate is one of four $125 million dollar homes currently listed for sale.  I don’t think we are going to find a 24-karat gold lined swimming pool in Champaign but I have seen a few hand painted frescoes and plenty of impressive gardens.

How do our local $1mm+ properties compare in your mind?  If nothing else it’s always fun to get ideas and see what’s available in our area.

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