Think Urbana -New Home Incentives

Urbana is making a strong push to strengthen new construction sales and growth in residential homes with “Think Urbana”. The Think Urbana program provides new home builders/buyers with a reduction in real estate taxes and sales tax on the construction of new homes. See All New Homes For Sale in Urbana In a nutshell, new... Continue Reading →

Champaign County Tax Assessments

Homeowners have from July 1 till early September to appeal the Champaign County Assessor's value (assessed value) of their homes. The assessed value is a main component in calculating the actual real estate taxes a homeowner will pay.

Champaign County Neighborhoods – Sold Home Info

Looking for home sale info for your neighborhood? We can provide (free) detailed market snapshot reports for real estate info around your home and neighborhood in Champaign County. With a little tweaking on the back-end it can be customized to your specific subdivision.

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