Robeson Meadows West – Real Estate Recap 2016

Robeson Meadows West or "Robeson West" as many refer to it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Champaign. 260+ home-sites mixed with a variety of styles, 2 miles of trails, multiple green spaces, a city park and multiple lakes/ponds. Best of all, it's located a short walk from a retail village with shopping, dining and general office space.

Ironwood Subdivision – Real Estate Update

Homes sales in Ironwood and Ironwood West subdivisions may be struggling to keep pace with the overall real estate sales trend in Champaign County but they are keeping pace with last year and potentially creating a foundation for future home values in the neighborhood.

May 2012 – Champaign Home Sales

The number of home sales (houses, condos, zerolots and coops) is up 61% comparing the Month of May 2012 to 2011. (The May 2012 numbers may change slightly as a few more sales trickle in) This follows a 34% increase for April and 16% increase in March. Great news for the Champaign real estate market.

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