Lower Your Real Estate Taxes

Looking to Appeal Your Champaign County Real Estate Taxes?

taxes imageEvery year it seems like your property taxes increase and every year in the past you’ve likely been able to accept it or even take some pride that your home value continues to climb.  This year more and more home owners are appealing their property taxes as they question the County’s assessment of their home’s value.

If you think your assessed value is unfair you can file a complaint with the Champaign County Board of Review.  They have a specific complaint form to submit to document your request and provide supporting information. That supporting information would (hopefully) consist of data on comparable homes in your area and why you think your assessed value it too high.  You have until September 10th to submit your request to the board.

1702 YorkshireThe information on comparable homes is the most important and toughest to obtain.  You can get that information on your own, after a few hours or days going through county records, or you could enlist the help of a local appraiser.  A secondary benefit of using an appraiser is that it gives the County Board of Review impartial info they can use to make their decision.

One appraiser I recommend from personal experience is Tony Bamert.  He has actually created a website addressing the real estate tax appeals process in Champaign County.  Tony knows this market very well and would be a great resource if you are going to appeal.

Interested in your properties value? Check out www.ChampaignValues.com to get a quick market snapshot around your home’s value.

Check out this post from May on real estate tax exemptions to make sure you are taking advantage of all your exemptions.

If you have questions on the sale price of a specific home in your neighborhood feel free to give me a call or drop an email, Mark@ChampaignExperts.com    I would be happy to help.

July 2014 Update:  Find an update on this info in our most recent post on How to Reduce your Champaign County Real Estate Taxes

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