Do I Need an Attorney for My Home Purchase?

I do recommend home buyers utilize a local real estate attorney for Champaign County real estate transactions. It's an important piece of the puzzle and provides additional protection for the home buyer. Below you'll find a few of these benefits.

Champaign County Tax Assessments

Homeowners have from July 1 till early September to appeal the Champaign County Assessor's value (assessed value) of their homes. The assessed value is a main component in calculating the actual real estate taxes a homeowner will pay.

Lower Your Real Estate Taxes

Looking to Appeal Your Champaign County Real Estate Taxes? Every year it seems like your property taxes increase and every year in the past you've likely been able to accept it as home values continued to climb. This year more and more home owners are appealing their property taxes as they question the County's assessemnt of their home value.

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