ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Hits Philo, IL

Extreme Home Logo 2It was an exciting morning in Philo (aka The Center of the Universe).  ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover crew rolled into town to announce that Nathan Montgomery and his family will get a 7 day complete renovation/rebuild of their house at 407 N. Harrison

Update: The show airs Sunday October 25th!   Would you like to Support the Eastern Illinois Foodbank?

Brady Homes out of Bloomington is spearheading this local event and their official website is at The official ABC Extreme Home Makeover site is here.

If you are interested in volunteering visit the Extreme Brady Homes site, they make it pretty easy to sign up.  Congrats to Brady Homes for getting the show to help a local family!!

I’ve met Nathan through his work at Salt and Light Ministries, a very worthy charity in Champaign.   Our local Keller Williams Cares organization has worked with Nathan on food and clothing drives for our area and it is very easy to see that he is passionate about his ministry and cares for everyone he is involved with.   I’m excited for Nathan and his family and can’t wait to see them “Move that bus!”

If you are interested in taking a bit longer to build your new home in Champaign County contact me through

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  1. I have been thinking that since EHM is here in the midwest and especially right near CHampaign, IL, they could maybe help with a small situation that could leave a huge impact on some people in desperate need here as well as a message to the nation about helping peole in a similar situation. — I am speaking of the group of about 20 homeless people who make up the Safe Haven ‘tent communtiy’ here in Champaign. They are moving from one area to the next because the city won’t allow such a community to stay in one place too long. Churches and other ministry related organizations are trying to help but face stiff fines if they help these citizens for too long. There has been an offer to build temproary shelters for these people but the city refuses to help provide a lot for such a place that would help members of their own jurisdiction. ENTER EHM!!! If ABC and this project would get involved, maybe they could help build the shelters and get the city to cooperate. WHAT A NATIONWIDE CRISIS WE ARE FACING RIGHT HERRE ATHOME!! Extreme Home Makeover could send a big message to the nation about the plight of so many people in these tough economic times. Wouldn’t take much …some volunteers, supplies, a few hours and a lot of love. Isn’t that what the show is about?!?!?

    1. That would be a great side benefit of having them in town. I have heard that EHM is also working on renovating the Salt and Light building so who knows, maybe they would take on one more project. Now, who has Ty’s phone number…

  2. I am SOOOO inspired to help others because of what God has given me, and the efforts of you show and staff.

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