Winter is Coming!

Eddard-Ed-Stark-Winter-is-Coming-1[1]It’s time to prep for fall and winter.  Yes, it really is getting to be that time of year.  Hooray or ugh, we haven’t made the decision yet but are hoping for another month of beautiful weather.

What to do?  Your list can be endless but we’ve put together a simple and effective summary.

  1. Start at the Top – Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles.  This is all too common in our wind-swept area and a frequent source of water leaks and roof issues.
  2. Clean the Gutters – Don’t forget to check the joints and corners for leaks.   The downspouts are key as well.  Make sure they extend a minimum of 5′ from the perimeter of your home.   Need help with the gutters?  Contact Craig Walters at 217-239-6645 or Champaign.WindowGenie.comGutterCleaning300[1]
  3. Seal It Up – Check the seals around your exterior doors and windows.  $3 in a tube of caulk can save you a lot in heating bills and the reduction of water leaks.
  4. Hoses – We’ll still need them for a while but make sure you disconnect and drain your hoses before the first frost.  Also make sure exterior pipes are drained.  These things can easily freeze and burst in our winters
  5. Prep the Heat! – It’s time for the annual furnace check.  At a minimum, change your filters but the best plan it to get a tech to take a look and get things ready for winter.   Looking for a recommendation?  Try Lanz Heating and Cooling
  6. Fireplaces – When is the last time you had your fireplace cleaned?  Modern gas fireplaces are almost maintenance free but wood fireplaces need attention.   Have a chimney sweep come and clean and inspect the fireplace so you can safely look forward to your next wood fire.

What are we missing?  If you have a tip let us know and we’ll share it or update our list.

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