Ashland Park – Home Sale Update

Home sales in Ashland Park have increased in 2012. 30 closed sales YTD which is up almost 20% from the same time period last year. The number of closing in the last 6 months has slowed but the inventory is down as well. Currently there are 21 homes for sale in Ashland Park. This is significantly lower than prior years. A reduction in supply (less homes for sale) helps raise demand and this is reflected in the number of sales, average days to sell (DOM) and pricing in the area.

Sawgrass Subdivision – Champaign IL

The average MLS sale price for a single family home in Sawgrass for 2012 YTD is $219,350. This is up about 3% from the same time frame last year. 2011 was down over 7% from 2010 and it's nice to see a bit of a rebound in housing values in this Champaign neighborhood.

Ironwood Subdivision – Real Estate Update

Homes sales in Ironwood and Ironwood West subdivisions may be struggling to keep pace with the overall real estate sales trend in Champaign County but they are keeping pace with last year and potentially creating a foundation for future home values in the neighborhood.

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