Prepare Your Home for the Cold!

As below freezing temperatures start to roll in, it’s important to prepare your home. We at the Waldhoff Gard Team want to help you prepare! Preparing your home for the freezing temperatures can prevent your pipes from freezing. Here are important tips to think of as you see the temperature drop!

1. Keep Garage Doors Closed

Keeping the garage door closed is important. If your water supply lines run through the garage, keeping it closed can prevent freezing. Most garages have a high amount of concrete. This keeps the place cool! However, it could potentially be hazardous if the door is left open during the winter.

2. Open Cabinets

Opening bathroom and kitchen cabinets will keep warm air circulating to the pipes. Open up your cabinets right before you go to bed on a cold night! It will help keep your pipes warm since they would become exposed to the heat in your home.

3. Let Faucets Drip

The subtle water drip from your faucets can make a major different in freezing prevention. Because there is movement from the dripping water, a small amount of heat is produced. The movement makes it harder for the water to freeze! You also don’t have to turn on all the faucets. Narrow down the few that have exposed piping and turn them on!

4. Maintain the Thermostat Temperature

Keeping a consistent temperature will help prevent your pipes from freezing. Although it is common for home owners to lower the temperature at night, a steady temperature is the best to prevent freezing.

5. Leave the Heat On

This may seem like a silly tip, but it’s an important one! Some homeowners leave the area during the winter seasons. To ensure your pipes don’t freeze when you’re away, make sure to turn the heat on or have a neighbor turn it on for you. Keeping the temperature at 55 degrees or higher can keep your pipes safe while you’re away.

We hope everyone stays nice and warm during the below freezing weather!

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