2016 Showcase-Parade of Homes is Underway!

HBAECI Showcase Parade of HomesMark your calendars to see some of the most attractive and well-designed homes Champaign County has to offer with this years’ HBAECI Showcase – Parade of Homes.

The idea is the same but the implementation will be a little different this year.  Instead of one neighborhood with 6-8 homes there will be multiple locations around Champaign-Urbana and over 20 homes for you to visit.

View All Champaign County New Homes

The Parade of Homes will take place over two weekends: September 23 through the 25th and September 30th through October 2nd.  Each weekend they are open from 10AM until 6PM.   (Please remember the showcase will not be open Monday through Thursday.)  There is a base of operations at Jacobs Landing in Champaign with ticket sales and vendor booths but once you have tickets, you can start with any home that catches your eye.

Looking for tickets?  You can purchase tickets at the door or contact me to see if we still have complimentary tickets available.

Another change this year is the addition of an app that will provide a map, details on each home and builder and a place to store your digital ticket.   (When they figure out how to distribute the blue shoe booties in the app I will be impressed!)

Use these links to download from the Apple App Store or the Android Store

Interested in New Construction Homes?  Visit our site and see everything currently available.

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