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Home Builders Showcase - Green Build LocationThe Green Build Showcase and Expo runs  Friday through Sunday on September 16th, 17th and 18th and is located in South Ridge Subdivision at the corner of Horizon and Myra Ridge Dr. in Urbana IL.

The HBAECI‘s Showcase this year is a remarkably different project from years past.  Instead of touring 5-8 homes by different builders guests of the Home Builders Showcase will be presented with one incredibly efficient home that was created through a joint effort of the Home Builders Association of East Central Illinois.

Tickets are $5 at the door.  If you are willing to join our email newsletter list I’d be happy to send you two tickets for free, just complete this form.

Home Builders Green Build Home
HBAECI Green Build - (image from

At a breakfast meeting this morning  we were treated to a litany of information regarding how the association created this Gold Level Green Build.  Almost every component of the house is either composed of recycled materials or designed for energy efficiency.  The project planned everything from the lot design and preparation to the quality of the indoor environment and finishes with educating the future owner on operating and living in the home.   A few of the amazing components of the house include; insulated concrete forms for the foundation, double 2×4 walls with a thermal barrier (over R43+ rated), Geo-thermal heating system, a programmable whole house lighting system, rain garden, permeable sidewalks and driveway, low impact construction methods to reduce disturbance to the soil and so much more.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in green building techniques or just thinking about building a home in the future to visit the Green Build project in September.  You’ll get great ideas for your next home.

And if you are searching for an efficient home in Urbana this might be a great opportunity.  It was appraised around $420k and is available for purchase at $349,900.

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