85% Happy, 6% Unhappy, 9% Ehhh?

Unit 4 released the “School of Choice”  (aka Controlled Choice) results this week answering the question that was keeping many a parent of a 5-year-old awake at night.  What school will my child go to this Fall?

Letters from Unit4 arrived to most families in today’s mail.  Fairly consistent with the results from prior years, 85% of kindergarten students ended up with their 1st choice, 7% got their 2nd choice, 1.3% their 3rd, 0.7% their 4th and .9% their 5th.  A pdf of the full breakdown of the assignments is available on the Champaign Schools website.

A great resource for all things “School of Choice” can be found at Charles Schultz’ “A citizen’s blog about Champaign Unit 4“.  If you’re not afraid of lots of data on the subject check out Charles’s online database of lottery results.  (Thanks Charles!)

I’m going to guess that Unit4 administration is slightly disappointed that almost 5% of students were unassigned after the lottery.  This means the 5% did not receive any of their 5 school lottery choices.  They increased the number of choices from 3 to 5 this year and it was my impression that they hoped to be able to tell the public that 100% of the student base received one of their lottery picks.

6 of the 11 grade schools were filled:

  • Barkstall
  • Bottenfield
  • Carrie Busey
  • Robeson
  • South Side
  • Westview

We’ll have to wait and see what changes await the Controlled Choice program next year.

2 thoughts on “85% Happy, 6% Unhappy, 9% Ehhh?

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  1. Thanks Mark.

    I _still_ have not received the entire 2011 dataset to shove into the database, but I am working on it. Also working on Unit 4 to get a lot more open on their end.

  2. I figured you were still waiting on that info but thought it would be best to get the link in there. It’s a great resource and I hope you get the full data soon. Thanks again.

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