Find Your Lot Boundaries in Champaign

A big kudos to the City of Champaign for the mapping tool recently added to their website.  It’s useful, fun and lets you play “Big Brother” on the whole town!

The Champaign web map (alternate link) allows users to superimpose lot lines over aerial images of Champaign (and a bit of the surrounding areas).

I’m sure their express purpose is not to help neighbors settle lot line disputes in Champaign but hey, it just might help you figure out who has to mow that 3′ strip of grass between your fences!

Other than lot lines there are also options to view Champaign city council districts, home owners associations, MTD (mass transit districts), police beats, school districts and zoning. Many of these features are not fully functional yet but it’s a cool tool that will be fun to see develop. – Search the Entire Champaign County MLS  –  Hassle Free! – Find Your Home’s Estimated Value Instantly!

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