Savoy, IL – Where Will My Kids Go To School

Unit #4, covering Champaign Schools, hosted an informational breakfast for the Realtor community this week providing a recap of existing news and a little bit of an update on current and future plans.

Related to Savoy, they announced that the new school in Prairie Fields Subdivision will be open between 2012 and 2013.  There isn’t a formal commitment to these dates but 2013 seems realistic.  Initial talks planned for Savoy’s new school by 2012 but I wouldn’t make a bet on it.

How can you get your children into the new Prairie Fields, Savoy IL school? Oh, the possibilities…

Door #1:  The surest bet right now is to enroll them in Carrie Busey.  When the new Savoy grade school opens Carrie Busey students will have the option of moving to the new school, guaranteed.

Trying to figure out how to get your kids into the new savoy school but they won’t be old enough for a few years, and you don’t want to live next to Carrie Busey?  Then look behind Door #2…

If you live within 1.5 miles of the corner of Prairie Rose and Sunflower Dr. in Savoy you will have ‘Proximity A’ status for the new school.   Currently, this proximity A status can also be applied to Carrie Busey.   This would allow Savoy households to enroll their kids in Carrie Busey immediately and bring them back to the new Savoy school when it is complete.

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Update 5/26/10:  Looking for Savoy, IL New Construction Info?

Proximity A doesn’t guarantee entry to Carrie Busey or any other school, but according to the info given out this morning your odds would be over 90%.

Door #3…   There aren’t any other great options.  If the new Savoy school would be the closest school to your address but you are more than 1.5 miles from ANY grade school you would be given ‘Proximity B’ status to Savoy.  After controlled choice and sibling guideline assignments have been met the remainder of the seats are assigned: 82% to Proximity A and 18% to Proximity B.

Questions….?  I would think so!   Feel free to post/email/call with questions and I will get you any answers I can.   Another EXCELLENT resource is the Family Information Center at Unit #4

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  1. Mark-read your blog- you missed an a large opportunity to list the new developmetns with in proximity (1.5 miles) which include Prairie Meadows and Lake Falls where homes are for sale and even better (for you) your customers can build a new home. Otherwises good info- remember- think newconstruction and your income will go up.
    thanks, Bill

    1. Thanks Bill, good points on new construction.
      I added a link to an older post with a Savoy new construction update. Looks like it’s time for a current stats update as well.

  2. As of April 20, 2010, there were two open seats in Carrie Busey, hence the chance of getting in was 100%:

    (My apologies about the formatting – still working on the site:

    It will be interesting to see how this changes over the next couple years. I imagine next year (2011-2012) will be the first school year that some may not get into Carrie Busey, and it will probably be a couple families who a) live near the existing building off Kirby, and b) do not have any siblings in CB. However when the school shifts to the new location, I would imagine that fewer families near the current/old location will be interested in Carrie Busey. It kinda depends on what the FIC spells out during the school registration process next year.

    The architects (OWP/P) have set a deadline of beginning construction April 2011 and completing by July 2012.

  3. Charles, thanks for this info and the update on the construction deadline. Very interesting and informative especially the data you have put together.

    The other interesting item is how the addition of the new Savoy school will change the Prox B dynamics for Barkstall. As soon as the new school opens it will greatly reduce the number of Prox B students for Barkstall.

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