Prairie Fields New Construction in Savoy, IL

Prairie Fields,  in Savoy IL, has proved to be a great neighborhood for new construction home buyers.   Lower real estate taxes than Champaign and Urbana, attractive neighborhoods and the enticement of a new Unit 4 School have all increased demand for the area.

The Champaign News Gazette recently reviewed the housing starts in Savoy reporting 74 single family housing starts though mid November, a 61% increase from the 46 starts in 2008 .  Compare this to 70 new homes in Champaign and 46 in Urbana (both are much larger communities) and Savoy really stands out.

As of 11/30, the CCAR MLS statistics show 36 closed sales of new construction homes in Savoy for 2009, up almost 40% from the prior year.  A large portion of these new homes are in Prairie Fields XII, a new phase developed with slightly smaller lot sizes and prices.   Prairie Fields XII lots are sized at a minimum of 55′ x 120′ and priced from $37,000.  These homes were built mainly by home builders Signature Homes and Ironwood Homes.   Out of 46 lots in the subdivision only 9 are currently available.   As sales continue, the plan is to start another phase with an almost identical layout just to the North of this area in the Spring of 2010.

Interested in New Construction in Savoy?

Search Savoy Homes — Max of $250,000

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Average Sale Prices for new construction homes in Savoy, IL ranged from $189,900 to $449,000 in 2009 with an average of $273,717.   Prices of new construction in Prairie Fields XII ranged from $189,900 to $234,025 with an average just over $205k.   These homes are a mix of 2 Story and Ranch styles.   The majority are on built on basements and feature 3 bedroom floor plans with most if not all of the amenities that new home buyers are currently looking for.

Interested in new construction in Savoy?  Email or call with your questions on building.  We help take the confusion out of the process and get you moving towards (and into) your new home. – Find Your Home’s Estimated Value Instantly! – Search the Entire Champaign County MLS  –  Hassle Free!

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