Fountain Head Drainage District…?

An odd question, but if you are one of many Champaign residents who received a notice in the mail you might have the same question.

After a few days of poking around the best answer I can come up with is that it involves the North and West side of Champaign and….drainage.   I have talked to homeowners in Ironwood, Glenshire, Turnberry and Parkland Ridge Subdivisions that are a part of this district but have not seen any boundaries or details of what it covers.

This topic has come up because seemingly thousands of Champaign residents received a notice from the law firm of Tepper, Mann and Cottrell detailing changes to the assessments for this drainage district for maintenance and upgrades to the drainage district.   Wondering what this would mean to my budget,  I checked on the impacts to 3 specific homes in Glenshire, Turnberry and Parkland Ridge and was told by a contact at the law firm there would be an increase on the tax bill of at least $10 but less than $20.  Hardly noticeable mixed into the normal real estate tax bill… but still something people might be interested to know.

If you have any other info on this topic feel free to post it below.  Thanks! – Find Your Home’s Estimated Value Instantly! – Search the Entire Champaign County MLS

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