Energy Audits – Lower Your Utility Bills!

burning moneyAlmost everyone I know (in Champaign County) has turned the furnace on in their home by now.  And I’m guessing everyone that turned their furnace on is dreading this winter’s utility bills. 

The summer was great for our annual budget, in July we actually had our lowest power bill ever.  However, I’m sure things will average out in the winter.  If you are interested in ‘weather proofing’ your home to make sure you aren’t wasting your heating and cooling dollars check out The US Department of Energy’s web page on Home Energy Audits.

In Champaign I’m aware of 2 companies providing this type of service.    Jim Sadler at Advanced Home Inspections and Lanz Inc. – a full service HVAC company in the Champaign/Urbana area.

If you think your bills are too high check them out.  They can perform an inspection and give you detailed advice on what you can do to improve your home.  I was very glad we did.

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  1. I am a home inspector in Champaign Illinois and I am also offering energy audits and HERS ratings. I am BPI and RESNET certified. I offer a complete audit with an infrared scan while using a Blower Door and Duct Blaster. I can be reached at 217-649-1173

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