Glenshire Subdivision – August 2008 Market Update

Glenshire Subdivision – Champaign, IL

Glenshire Real Estate Market Update:

The following data is taken from the CCAR MLS as of 8/22/2008

Year Average List Price Average Sale Price Median List Price Average Days on Market # of Closed
List Price to Sale Price Ratio
2005 $209,042 $197,400 $205,900 38 12 94.4%
2006 $212,450 $208,585 $214,900 55 12 98.2%
2007 $197,908 $193,096 $194,900 97 13 97.1%
Closed YTD
$199,550 $193,000 $199,700 68 4 96.7%

Only a month since our last update and the numbers look pretty much the same. We remain at 4 closed sales for 2008 and the closed sale statistics carry forward. There are currently 5 active homes in Glenshire averaging 98 days on the market. You’ll notice this number fluctuates from last months figure of 131 days.
For statistics on a neighboring subdivision take a look at the Turnberry Ridge .

The prime selling season is coming to a close as the end of August nears but a large number of homes will sell between now and December 31st. If your home needs to be one of these the most important thing is going to be effective pricing followed by proper presentation and marketing of your home. Looking for tips and suggestions? Visit the Seller Resources page for more info.
Glenshire has a lot to offer our prospective neighbors including; common areas, lakes, mature trees and the fact that it is a subdivision consisting entirely of single-family homes (which is increasingly rare in new developments). Make sure these amenities are mentioned in the marketing and sale of your home!

As always, we need to remember that Glenshire is a small area out of Champaign County so the statistics will tend to fluctuate on a monthly and yearly basis. If you are interested in comparing these numbers to the overall, local market please contact me for more info.

More info on the Champaign and Urban Real Estate Market at

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