How are Homes Selling in the Timberline Valley and Westlake Neighborhoods

With 9 homes on the market at this time we are looking at a 3 1/4 month supply. This measure of inventory is what is referred to as the absorption rate. It means that at the current rate of sales it would take 3 1/4 months to sell all of the inventory. When the absorption rate is between 5-6 months of supply you are experiencing a balanced market. Less than 5 and the scale tips into "Sellers Market" category.

Westlake Subdivision in Champaign IL

Just west of Duncan and Clayton Rd in Champaign sits Westlake subdivision.  A residential development consisting mainly of single-family homes and a scattering of duplex/zero-lot style properties.  It's a convenient location in NW Champaign.  Easy access to highways and interstates,  close to Parkland College, Prairie Gardens and a short drive to the North Prospect shopping,... Continue Reading →

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