5th Annual Summer Pool Party

Come and Cool Down! Join us on Sunday August 5th for my 5th annual client appreciation pool party. One of the many ways we get to say "thank you" to our friends and past clients for their support of another great year in real estate.

3rd Annual Summer Pool Party

It's that time of year again and I don't think we could have a better week.  After multiple days of 110+ heat index readings I'm looking forward to an evening at the pool! We will have the Sholem Aquatic Center this Saturday, August 14th open from 7-9pm as a thank you to my past clients,... Continue Reading →

Summer Pool Party!!

This Sunday, August 9th, you'll find me at the Sholem Aquatic Center in Champaign for our 2nd Annual Client Appreciation Pool Party. This is one of the ways I can say 'Thanks!" to the clients, friends and family that have helped be grow a successful real estate business.

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