May 2012 – Champaign Home Sales

The number of home sales (houses, condos, zerolots and coops) is up 61% comparing the Month of May 2012 to 2011. (The May 2012 numbers may change slightly as a few more sales trickle in) This follows a 34% increase for April and 16% increase in March. Great news for the Champaign real estate market.

Which Sells Quicker – 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Homes?

Through March of 2011, closed sales of 3-Bedroom properties in the Champaign County MLS represented 54.5% of total sales.  This represents the largest segment of home sales broken down by bedroom. 4 Bedroom homes in Champaign County made up the 2nd largest segment with almost a quarter (23.9%) of overall sales. Supply and Demand in... Continue Reading →

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