Christmas Lighting Ceremony on Candlestick Lane – Urbana, IL

Ready for some Christmas cheer?  Dress warmly and head over to Grant Place in Urbana this Saturday at 6pm for the Candlestick Lane lighting ceremony.

Candlestick Lane -December 1977

Dating back to 1963, this tradition started when Grant Place residents won a contest sponsored by Illinois Power Company sharing the $100 prize to buy candlestick ornaments for each home.  The lighting ceremony was canceled last year (bah humbug!) due to lower participation but  5 new home owners on the street plan on participating this year and the event is back on.

I’m pretty excited to see the decorated homes this year and I know our two girls are looking forward to it too!  In my mind I’m picturing Clark Griswold hanging from the gutters… 🙂
We actually drove by last night thinking the lights would already be on but they are not, big disappointment for our girls.  It looks like they wait until this Saturday for the ‘big reveal’.   The weather doesn’t look too bad so I hope there is a nice turnout.

I’ll try to get a few pictures updated after this weekend.

View Candlestick Land Christmas Ceremony in a larger map


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