Champaign Economy Could Be First to Rebound

Labor Market Recovery Projections
Labor Market Recovery

More great news for homeowners in Champaign County. While we have been able to avoid almost all of the national real estate “depression” it now looks like our local economy will be among the first to start growing again.

According to an article by McClatchy Newspapers there are just a handful of metro markets that are forecasted for a labor market recovery and Champaign County is one of them (of the others, Columbia, MO is the closet to Champaign).  The article talks about the rough road ahead in the next few years for most of the country and also how job growth is likely to be greatest in professional and business services.  Champaign seems to be poised to benefit from this as the local  business community has done a great job of leveraging the talent and attention that the University of Illinois Provides.

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